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More than 140 years of uninterrupted activity make the Belloni Company a deeply rooted reality and a point of reference  for the world of furniture and woodworking.

Having always worked for the world market, over the years he has been able to export his concept of furniture, both in the context of classic and contemporary styles.

The main and essential characteristics that must distinguish every Belloni furniture have always been Elegance and Quality.

Elegance arises from a deep knowledge of style and design that, starting from the classic, has evolved over the years to actualize itself in a contemporary luxury that is seen as the natural evolution of the Belloni product.

Each piece is taken care of in detail from the earliest stages of design where the constant search for beauty is combined with know-how, to obtain a furnishing product that can maintain its charm and, above all, its quality over the years.

The current technologies and modern manufacturing processes necessary for accurate production are flanked by finishes and quality control carried out by selected and highly qualified craftmen. We work as we always have, without compromise to ensure a high standard.

A 100% Made in Italy product, designed, engineered and produced in Italy by tradition!

What do we do

Belloni presents its collections of contemporary furniture always characterized by stylish details that make them unique.

Subliminal and Belloni Studio, two different ways of conceiving the contemporary, from the Baroque inspirations revisited in a modern key to the technical design that combines different materials.

But Belloni is also "Il Classico", the collection that encompasses all of Belloni's know-how and history. A selection in style, pieces chosen for their very high component of craftsmanship.

Elegance and quality shown in their maximum expression. Furniture as a work of art.

Eco-sustainability and presence on the territor

We have care to the concept of eco-sustainability!

We are a green company that for years has paid particular attention to the concept of eco-sustainability, using certified electricity supplies from renewable sources, exploiting the electricity produced by its own photovoltaic system, differentiating and recycling all wood waste.

The company has always been located in the heart of Brianza for a 100% Made in Italy production.