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A historical furniture manufacturing, Belloni is a solid family-run business, featuring more than 140 years of uninterrupted activity.
Artisan techniques combined with modern processes give shape to premium products, offered in a wide range of tailor-made solutions.
A design studio, together with the capability of prototyping, and a full-scale internal production allow Belloni factory complete freedom of creativity and manufacturing

Ideas never stop …since 1875

Il Classico

Exquisite handcrafted pieces thought and made in Italy, still manufactured by hand, thanks to carefully selected craftmen, inlayers, carvers and decorator.

An array of styles such as: Empire, Ls. XV, Ls. XVI and Baroque proposed as tradion or revised and characterized by a touch of novelty without loosing the antique glamour.

Belloni Studio

“Belloni Studio” stands out as an extremely innovative collection, in terms of design and manufacture.
A perfect harmony in which canaletto walnut, one of the finest types of timber, integrates perfectly with carbon fiber.


Subliminal seduces us unconsciously.
An eclectic style, charming and contemporary that reinterprets the concept of luxury and design.


Bespoke furniture made as per drawing.
We follow all the production’s steps from prototyping to relief and display.

Our ideas are born, become prototypes and finally a piece of furniture entirely in Italy.
To make sure you get a product that can maintain its charm and quality over the years