The first workshop of the Belloni’s  family dates back to 1898 and was initially a laboratory founded by  the "Master" Angelo to convey his passion and knowledge of the arts such as painting, drawing and sculpture ornamental generations of skilled craftsmen, carpenters andcarvers.
Located in Barlassina, in the heart of Brianza, but with a strong international presence, the Company Belloni exports its products to almost all over the world and currently, is one of the brands of reference in the fine furniture and Made in Italy an archive of thousands of models based on large collections of royal residences of the past that constitute an inestimable heritage from which to draw, with new interpretations, items unpublished or more contemporary.
Thanks to the high level craftsmanship with fine work of carving, inlay and joinery carried out in the name of tradition, the refined finishes and high quality materials, elegance of proportion and attention to detail, the coherence and durability the certainty of owning a high-value product that can be customized in every aspect on request.
The nature of the company then has undergone a steady evolution since 1980 developing areas of interior decoration and architecture in order to realize large-scale projects of buildings, exclusive residences, hotels and hospitality in general.